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I want the iPad!

I know I want something when I see it. I never wanted an Apple desktop or laptop, I never wanted the iPhone, I wanted the iPod (& I got one) though I hated iTunes…and now I want the iPad. Desperately!

A device like this is what I had been longing for. It’s rather surprising that no tech giant had thought of something like this for so long. Yeah, the tablet PC has been around for some time but it’s more of a glorified laptop with a swiveling screen. I wanted something just large enough to watch movies and read books, just small enough to lug around with ease and just powerful enough to let me surf the web. It shouldn’t have a constantly whirling fan that annoys me immensely, it shouldn’t have a physical keyboard jutting out and keeping me half-an-arm’s length away from the screen and impeding any intimate relationship I might have otherwise had with it and, unlike my laptop, it shouldn’t take ages to restart. The iPad fits the bill perfectly.

The only flaw it currently has is the lack of support for Flash. Hopefully, this will change and Adobe will come up with something that makes embedded Flash videos a seamless experience.

How is this product going to change the landscape for eReaders like Amazon’s Kindle and Plastic Logic’s QUE proReader? Let’s wait and watch! Things just got interesting!


gurdas said…
While I will not be buying one soon, this is a promising product. But how many gadgets can one manage? And how many places do I sync my stuff? Right now, I am keeping my life meaningful by doing everything but phone calls on my laptop. And no, I never listen to man made music when I out of my home or my car.

I am waiting to test the reading experience and cost of acquiring books on this device. And my wish list (in order of priority):
1. Full document (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and PDF) editing capabilities.
2. Easy sync with Windows Mail
3. Ability to connect to a projector.

I am not sure, but I doubt it has these features. But the day it has, I will buy it because then it also doubles as my on the go laptop.

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