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Santosh, Sam & Mantu

Santosh left for Patna today to attend a wedding and also expedite his own! The man is on a mission…and I wish its quick and happy fruition.

Sam is back fom Pune and his presence resonates across all the rooms in our dwelling. There’s a minor space crunch since his bed, washing machine and chair are taking up precious space. It’s not much of a problem though. In fact, the drawing room now has a more filled-look.

Sam’s entry was timed just right for Santosh who has recently lost his phone. As luck would have it, Sam had just bough a new phone before moving in and Santosh can make do with the old one for now.

I’m exploiting Sam’s washing machine to the fullest. Some of my clothes are so dirty, they’ll need multiple washes.

Mantu has once again settled into his role as our home manager ever since he returned from Ranchi on Tuesday. His is a presence welcomed by one and all. We’re indeed lucky for having him around.

I have a carton of clothes and books to be sent to Kolkata. I’ll probably get it parceled from the post office.


saurabh said…
I thought Mantu got married recently. How come u still staying in the same house. Dude, yur place is fast turning in to Married ppl's accomodation from Bachelor's :D
next what, santosh also?
Deepanjan said…
All the guys except me are unmarried. Santosh was so upbeat about his marriage prospects, we joked about accommodating his wife on their return!

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