Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The making of a fool

This isn’t about Santosh being told early morning that there was a courier for him at the door.The poor chap dragged himself out of bed only to learn that Mani had just bamboozled him!

This is about Abhishek sending a well-meant email to some of his friends informing them of ATM cards being accepted at ATMs of all banks without incurring a charge – starting April 1st. Well, this is according to an RBI directive issued last year meant for implementation from today. It was all over the news then…and it’s all over the news yet again. It’s obvious that some people would still miss out on this information, which is perfectly understandable.

What’s not so understandable is why are some people dismissive of new ideas without even checking the facts first. These established fools are so secure in their ignorance that they could even proudly hit REPLY TO ALL and retort that it’s only an April-1st prank. Even GMail was launched on April 1, remember?

Unfortunately for this quintessential fool, I was one of the recipients. I cut him to size and asked him to check the facts first before proving his ignorance to others. He didn’t like what I wrote and lashed out at me. Normally, I don’t squabble…but I decided to hit back for a change. The textual duel continued all day and spilled over to the next (yesterday), but I delivered the final punch. It was fun!


saurabh said...

post the entire transcript dude... :D

Deepanjan said...

Too graphic!