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Concerned Agencies or Agencies Concerned

Why for Pete’s sake do we constantly have to corrupt English by infusing our own interpretations to the world’s most enriched language? I think it’s high time I gave up reading Indian newsmagazines and newspapers completely. They’re worthless.


Anonymous said…
You know, Deep, that's like the pot calling the kettle black. The way you write English is VERY Indian - you use a lot of flowery, ornate words to appear intelligent but you're actually not efficient in getting your message across. I am an Indian born in America, and I know for a fact that most native English speakers would laugh at your "About Me" description. I mean, come on, "promulgating my dissent of discriminating institutions"?! You've got to be kidding me. Anyone can use a thesaurus.

Also, it appears that you are trying to come across as superior by dismissing and degrading anything Indian. I think you are a very insecure self-hater. Just because you like classical music doesn't mean you're an Englishman. You're just really pretentious.

Get over yourself.
Deepanjan said…
It's so very tempting to lash out at you for being so slanderous, but I'll suppress it somehow.

I know my English is VERY Indian...and that's what I rue. It doesn't stop me from criticizing the flawed grammar repleting our news articles. Am I in the wrong?

I'm indeed slightly ornate in my delivery, something that I'm trying to correct. I guess it comes naturally to me. There's hardly any element of pretension here. If you were bothered by the flowery stuff, being so antagonistic was hardly warranted.

I don't see what's so hilarious in the "ABOUT ME" section. If anybody can use a thesaurus, what's stopping him? Did you actually have to consult it to understand what I was trying to say? If yes, I'm surprised that being born in America did you no good. If no, why should you assume others need to consult the thesaurus? Are you trying to say that yours is a better vocabulary than theirs? Give me a break!

How much of my blog have you actually dug through to merit your saying that I'm trying to dismiss and degrade anything Indian? If digesting criticism is not in your system, seek help from others. I know Americans do it very well.

Self-hater I sometimes am. I don't think it's a startling revelation from an average Joe. If you've never hated yourself, you're opined too highly! Insecure I'm certainly least not when compared to people like you filled with bile.

How on earth do you correlate the love of classical music with being an Englishman? If you had the remotest idea about western classical music, you would know that the 'Englishman' has made little or no contribution to it. If you're insecure about your own cosmetic tastes, I'm not to blame for it.

Last but not the least, I'm not surprised at your being an Indian. Indians have an innately hostile disposition. Read through the other comments and you'll know.

BTW, are you NYTimes personified? There's no shame in not having a URL attached to your name. And in case the hyperlink was suggestive, let me assure you that I read my news from over a 100 different sources.

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