Thursday, February 26, 2009

Making light of dark matter

The tube light has finally ‘choked’ to death. It seems to have taken the entry of my energy-efficient lamp to heart and simply refuses to be lit anymore. Well, to be honest, it did work for a day or two…but that was it. There’s nothing wrong with my new lamp, just that it’s plugged directly to the switchboard and the height disadvantage hurts my eyes. Anyway, its 25W (equivalent to a 120W incandescent bulb) is enough for my tiny room…better than a dim extended source of light.

My Twitter page, until now, had a near-black background. I slightly brightened it by ‘stealing’ a rather attractive background-image file from a site put up to celebrate the Oscar awards. One could also use it as a wallpaper. Why do I generally espouse dark backgrounds? Because, they’re more energy-efficient! They are easy on the eye and spotting icons also becomes effortless. However, they may be avoided if text is to be directly written on them.

I’m sure most people have failed to notice that my blog’s background color has changed recently. It’s now only a shade lighter, an imitation from my Orkut page.

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