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When my blog proved useful

I needed to collate all my LIC premium receipts today. I dug into my mail account and gathered as many as I could, although some seemed to be missing. Fear not, I thought – all the receipts could be downloaded from the LICIndia website.

I was wrong. To my horror, I discovered that the site purges receipts more than 2 years old. These guys can’t even spare enough space to archive tiny PDFs! I remembered that not all premiums were paid online, some were paid the conventional ‘over-the-counter’ way (which wouldn’t have corresponding online receipts)…but I just couldn’t recall which ones.

Then came the brainwave – consult my good-for-nothing blog. I did, and all the missing receipts were accounted for. My first online premium happened only in April-2006 while the disabling of my net banking account compelled me to go offline for the Oct-2006 and Jan-2007 premiums.

I never thought my blog would serve a pragmatic purpose so soon.


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