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Dad's 4th Death Anniversary

Each day, I pray that I’m wrong…

  • that there’s indeed a God
  • that there’s indeed a Heaven
  • that there’s indeed Dad somewhere out there
  • that I’ll get to meet him when my time comes
  • that I’ll embrace him then, never to let go of him

But I know I’m right.


Audra said…
Sometimes we find things around us to validate what we feel is right...

I you look for no god, you will find no god...

But maybe there is a God and if you look for him you will find him. And maybe he is not just a figment of the imagination conjured up to supress feelings of fear.

Not that you asked my opinion, but I happened upon you blog because you became a follower of mine. I have enjoyed looking through your posts. We seem to share a passion for music that adds meaning to things in life.


for what it is worth...

I believe there is a God

That he created families for a purpose

And that families are not just important on the Earth, but they are important forever.

Therefore, I believe you will see your dad again, he loves you, and you will embrace once more. He will always be your father.

Even if you don't believe it, it never hurts to hope that it is true! Hope is a beautiful and wonderful thing. To me, God is not created from fear... God is found in hope. I hope I am right because I love my family and want them forever.

I find God in a lot of things. Like the other night laying on a hammock looking at the moon with my 2 year old daughter wrapped in a blanket. The beauty and the perfection of this world proves to me there is a God. But if you are not looking for God in such things you will find a mass of rock orbiting the Earth because of a gravitational pull and a child whos little spirit is the product of cells and nurture. I prefer the former.

Anyway, for what it is worth, there are people out there who feel as if they know you will see your dad again! I figured it would not hurt for you to hear that.

And I am so sorry for your loss. My dad was diagnosed with cancer last year, and although he had a successful treatment, for a long time we did not know the prognosis and I could not imagine losing him. I know it will happen some day, but there is a lot of comfort in a belief in forever families.
Deepanjan said…
Thanks for the soothing words in by blog, Audra! While I feel terribly handicapped being an atheist, I've never doubted that God and religion are manifestations of the goodness innate to all humans. It's such a heart-warming feeling.

Your family is so adorable, I'm truly envious!

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