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Laptop Insurance? Fiction!

I had been scouring cyberspace and realspace for the past few days to get my laptop insured. My Nokia 6681 finding its way out of my humble dwelling without my knowledge or consent had sped me up the learning curve and I wasn't very emphatic about history repeating itself...this time with my other half-Andromeda.

The search results were disappointing. I didn't find mention of any insurance provider for laptops. I did stumble across the following though:

  • Birthright Insurance (WOW!!!)
  • Pedal Cycle Insurance
  • Mobile/Cellular Phone Insurance (DAMN!!!)
  • TV/VCR/VCP Insurance (What about CD/DVD players or amplifiers or reverberators or pre/power-amplifiers or ...?)
  • Householders' Policy-->Public Liability Insurance (this one's a killer!)
  • Householders' Policy-->Plate Glass Insurance (give me a break!!!)

I now turned to the trusted Yahoo! Answers to pull me out of my misery. Some folks replied recommending United India Insurance...though their site didn't mention anything that even remotely suggested they could be of use to me. Still, I also chose to try New India Assurance (located in the same premises) and Bajaj Allianz (Mantu's pick).

I had the good sense to call up the guys before embarking yesterday. Bajaj Allianz saved a lot of trouble by answering in the negative. The phone numbers listed for one of other two were invalid while the other insurer's number was busy each time I tried to call. I'm suspicious of its validity though and think it's a telephonic glitch.

Anyway, the excursion was futile. I wonder why's the concept of laptop insurance so alien to India.

Mantu was luckier in that his Acer was insured directly by the retailer.


Peenuts said…
Hi..i am going through a similar Harrowing experience.... :( :( Bought myself a laptop (it cost me all my savings)..and now i am finding it hard to get it insured..let me know if u had any luck!!
mickey0412 said…
hi....da same story dis side 2
since i live in a hostel there is every chance that it can be stolen and if it dad is going to screw me up
if you guys come across something related do tell me.......

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