Thursday, August 02, 2007

Someone out there snooping?

I commented yesterday about the price difference between the 17" and 15" DELL Inspiron laptops being a staggering 14K, other specifications being exactly the same.

Someone @ DELL India perhaps went through my blog!

The price of the Inspiron 1520 has now been hiked by 4.5K on account of the NVIDIA GeForce GPU...which was previously provided free of cost. What's more, the Inspiron 1720 now costs reasonably less.

The conflict deepens! At stake is my sanity. Perhaps it's time for the 1420 to come to my rescue!


Anonymous said...

Give me a call if you are planning to buy Dell.I can a give you the best deals through a close friend of mine.

Good Old Friend,

Deepanjan said...

Send me ur mail id. I'll send the config.

Anonymous said...

OK, I misunderstood your previous post. If its a laptop, go for a 15.4 inch widescreen.

I have one and I have never found it falling short. A 15.4 on laptop is far better than a 17 on CRT. A 17" on laptop would be swell but the addon cost is too much and also it kinda makes a laptop too big to be really portable. Infact even a 15.4 does that, but its a midway between two extremes.

Do NOT overbuy. Thats the mantra. Rather plan to change your laptop every 2 years. Because what you get today for say 80K, will be available for 35K in 2 years (or maybe less).