Wednesday, February 23, 2005


The previous page color carried some melancholy in tow...and that's something I am least equipped to handle. So reverting back to the white color.
Guys, please send me your comments.


saurabh said...

you called for comments??? here u go... white is definately better than ur prev color and it reflects ur pesonality also, simple yet supportive, giving every other colour, a chance to exhibit their full beauty. On a more serious note,,,, give us some colour dammit. this white sux.

Anonymous said...

I think the prev color added some individuality to your blog....but since its a qn of melancholy.....well, you're the boss. Vivek

Anonymous said...

Anon: The hog that you are, you should rather paint your blog brown so that you don't feel detached from you puddle.