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Status Report from Kolkata

Kolkata seems to be the only city in the world that moves in reverse gear. How else would you explain that within the last 2 years 4 cyber cafes in my locality have evaporated into thin air? Walking for hours on end in search of a netcafe proved futile. I had to travel all the way to Park Street to surf today!
I'm doing my project from SkyTech Solutions but I've taken a sabbatical of 3 weeks, which ends today. Even these people ration internet access to their employees. I guess relinquishing a communist mindset is not an easy job! Sameer is staying at my place and has an exam today. We are supposed to go to the Kolkata Book Fair in half an hour. Already bought a French tutorial book a few days back.
Met Rakesh yesterday. Visited his workplace in TCS. Also saw the offices of IBM, CTS, Wipro and a few less stellar ones.
Special thanks to Sittu and Rob for their peppy mail.


Anonymous said…
Good to see that your sabbatical's over & you're getting back to the business of life. It can get really boring here sometimes, so I have to relieve the monotony by reading your blog. Always refreshes me without fail. Keep going, man. Don't be surprised to find a comment from me on each of your postings!
Is Samir still there? Did he get a project? By the way, it's Net Cafe, not 'natcafe' as in this posting of yours. Sure, I'm nitpicking but it's not often that the great one makes mistakes such as this one, is it? Just kiddin', Yours, Vivek.
P.S. Post something about Santosh.

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