Junking Junk Food

Call it the clarion call. I’ve been living on junk food for over a decade and it’s high time I turned to all the goodies that nature has to offer. Though food malls are a great way to save money, they’re pretty far from where I stay and my only recourse lies in the kirana shops and fruit carts. Here’s a comparison from what I purchased from the kiranas over the past 2 days:

Kirana / Cart Food Mall
Carrots Rs.20 / kilo Rs.10 / kilo
Grapes Rs.50 / kilo Rs. 35 / kilo


Didi said…
Marraige has surely brought about a change in you-Ur becoming health conscious.Thanx Asha.
Deepanjan said…
It was certainly a lot less profound than marriage!

And I have such 'spiritual' awakenings every month!

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