Monday, December 05, 2005

In a dilemma

I had originally planned to buy the Nokia Wireless Keyboard. However, now that I've got some semblance of the price (which happens to be above Rs.6k), I'm not ready for the leap. Even desktops are now available for under Rs.10k.


Prateek said...

To hamara pathha , wireless keyboard nahi kharid raha hai...


Dekh be Deepu, blog par tera activity kam nahi hona chahiye.

deepanjan said...

Will try my level best!

-j said...

hahaha such threats...

Sameer said...

Hiyo Deepika!!!

I am writing this comment from my office. Just check out the time at which the comment was posted. And no, I am not having a night shift.

Planning to stay in the office for another 3 hrs and then I'll be back here at 11:00A.M.

This happens almost everyday. Nice place your beloved Pune is turning out to be.

Thank God I have a few episodes of Friends that I downloaded from a colleague's Thinkpad to help me endure this eerie silence.

Oops!! I have just wasted 5 mins in posting this comment. Bye!!!

deepanjan said...

J, such threats are a treat!

deepanjan said...

Sameera, so you're now a nocturnal creature! What happened...the IBMers couldn't stand you?

Pune is till the best city on my list of habitable places in India.

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