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The making of a cheating maestro

Well, the little peeks would happen way too often...and they really don't qualify for cheating, but the first time I cheated in school to an extent that would put even Lalu to shame was when I was a 7th grader. The UN was conducting a short study course on its history, structure, constituent bodies, et al. We were given a booklet that contained all the pertinent information that we were supposed to mug up in about a week's time.

Being completely indifferent to academia, I conveniently gave it a miss. However, when the big exam day came, I was shocked to learn that unlike me, most of my peers had taken an active interest in the course and had actually studied very diligently! I didn't want to end up on the wrong side of the scoreline. Too late, I was helpless!

Now some guys had opted out of the course at the very outset. My partner belonged to this rarefied tribe. Lucky me! The exam began and there I was, answer paper on table, pen in hand, an empty head and nothing to write. Well, it would look odd if I scribbled nothing on the answer sheet, and so, to look occupied in offering intelligent answers to questions that were Greek & Latin to me, I bravely began penning whatever random thoughts came to mind. After all, my head was fertile ground for the most fanciful and baroque of ideas. My partner looked on as I scribbled what must have been the most ludicrous of answers. He eventually took pity on me & offered to help me by looking into the booklet for answers. I outrightly refused. I may be a fool but I still had my pride! However, even my ego finally gave way as I bartered it for the answers. I had to save face when the results were declared for all to see.

Thus began my illustrious voyage into the world of cheating and deception! My accomplice dug into the booklet and diligently probed for the answers, which he did with great dexterity without being caught! May God bless him! Writing down the answers was a toughie though! I had to erase all the answers I had already written in order to fill the pages and then write the correct ones. It was a tedious job, but someone had to do it! Well, we didn't have enough time to search for all the answers. Soon enough, we ran out of time. My partner had worked harder than me during the entire session. In him I had found a friend indeed!

The results were declared in a few days.
My score: 35%
Pass mark: 35%


Anonymous said…
There is a nice incident which happened during our college days.. Physics and Maths was the Subsidiary paper. I had bunked all the classes and during our exams, bought the Target Guess paper. Physics was the first paper nearly 85% of question came from the target guess paper. Therfore all our classmates bought the Maths Traget guess paper and started mugging for the Maths exam. But only 2 question of 2 marks each came from the guess paper. all students were in dilemma. I was sitting next to my friend. he was bio student in hi +2 .. Therefore all he did was patiently copied my answer sheet. He knew just 1 question answer which was of 7 marks and i copied that..
In the when examination results were out
i had got 47%
My friend got 51%

I became a laughing stock after that incident. From there i learnt a trick if you r going to give a maths paper don't scratch in the answer sheets, As examiner's gives marks also for cleaniness. As my frd was copying only the correctly solved answers..
saurabh said…
... and that was the making of The Kaabil, as we know!!!
Deepanjan said…
Yeah, we relied heavily on him during our BIT days!
Anonymous said…
oic...when is our convocation....any news..... as far as i am concerned....i never cgeated....and that is all i have to say ;-()
Anonymous said…
I only got a 35% score(does not mean I didn't get anything lower) twice in my life. Leaving the first incident alone, the second time was in physics, after which I passionately detested the subject. My second attempt at physics a few years later, proved to be just as futile..only this time the grade was 15% higher than the first occasion. Alas, even a mere possibility of camaraderie between me and physics ceased there.
Deepanjan said…
Ankur, you never cheated?
Oh, I had mistaken you for another guy in our class in BIT who marshalled all his rosources in taking a sneak peek at every answer paper!
Deepanjan said…
Jahnvee, physics was my favorite subject and I was a consistent topper in this paper for many years! The second best student finally went to IIT, Kharagpur while I proceeded to screwing up my life!
Anonymous said…
If this is what your screwed up life is like, then congrats!! You have done an excellent job! I wouldn't have any regrets if I were you...
Deepanjan said…
Jahnvee, I haven't achieved anything remarkable in life. Given a chance to live life again, I would tread an entirely different path.
Anonymous said…
After some pondering, I'd have to say the same about mine...
But tough luck...we're both stuck with what we have.

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