An idea jettisoned

Just called up the Nokia folks. The keyboard costs a staggerring Rs7240. So I've finally dropped the idea of buying it.


Anupam said…
I am still not sure why u'r looking for a nokia keyboard ... ..sooner or later the company will bless or harass u by gifting a laptop
deepanjan said…
I could kill an elephant for a laptop!
Anonymous said…
hey is kolkata ur favourite place like most bongs...........the snaps r gud and u r not tired of going gaga over the place.or is it another story of centiments attached to that place. :-)
deepanjan said…
Until recently,I was a Kolkata hater! I don't have too many fond sentiments of the place and I don't intend to settle there. About the going gaga thing, well, when did you get that impression?

However, I indeed prefer Kolkata to Bangalore.

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