Monday, May 15, 2006

Chopping Onions

It seems I've gained an expertise in chopping onions! That's what I do en masse every Saturday night as a prelude to Santosh cooking my favorite delicacy: Anda Bhurji!

Strangely enough, there are no tears involved.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

using all available means 2 add flavour ,
doubth thou on weather d flavour of taste
or smell was enhanced .
then there is the possibility of nothing
getting enhanced and then yet a false
feeling of some enhancement .

one can also say that the eating rawmaterial had failed to bring about water , cos if it was not eye watering
it should atleast have been mouth watering .

anyway a no watering duel performed ,
and performence enjoyed at that ,
thats what when one cannot do hair cuts
to prove thier cutting capasity they
can to regular veg cuts .

good thing , but a word of caution ,
the comment will not be responsible
for making the protagonist getting interested in doing haircuts ,
and financial claims for doing damages to
good looking hairs will have to be brone by the protagonist incase
haircuts are practiced out of a sudden fit of inspiration.

there the cool mentos add comes 2 the mind , again this could have an adverse psychological effect on generating the temptation of doing haircauts .
then again there is this remedy of sticking to the hobby of cutting onions
on which the protagonist has good talents .

don't let this grand talent deminish ,
if one is not a hair cutter ,
he can atleast claim of him being a
good onion cutter .