Friday, May 12, 2006

26 SMSes

Ya, that's the number of messages someone sent me continually in an impromptu therapeutic session! I docked my Nokia to the PC since punching keys on the tiny keypad is not my kinda thing. But the other end didn't have such luxury.

Thanks, buddy! I hardly merit the pains you took to answer my plaintive messages. Though I refute some of your views, I agree with most of what you said. I guess we choose friends who echo the voices in our subconscious mind. You echoed them well, although they were sometimes lacerating.

A friend like you is an asset. Thanks once again for being there.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

a quarter of a century surpassed ,
a worthwhile mark teaching valuable lessons understood , increasing wisdom
which would last 4 ages .

forward ages a wise outlook ,
and black ages history ,
however since ages are colourless ,
and times (ages) have speed ,
a scientific concept wiil hv 2
to be introduced .

therefore things become complicated with numbers , literature and
science , philosophy even ,
and therefore analysys goes further
to that level of no return ,
with the end result being ,
there coming no results .

no results could cause irritation but
not for people with high level of endurance , so if sideeffects of
irritation just creep in , melt
it off with some soothing symponies ,
if yet irritation persists ,
the cause of irritation even if it
be an anonymious pest is strong
and it would be considered as a good achiement .

a failed attempt will not be considered
as a disappointment .