Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm running out of ideas

Strange but true. My increasingly mundane and routine existence is making it virtually impossible to come up with something interesting to write about. After all, what can be posted about cooking noodles, ironing clothes, reading an oversized novel, taking the same bus to office and poring over the same old web pages?

Ajay has lent me a rather interesting occupation that's a great time killer during all those hours of boredom at work. I must say I'm addicted to it!

Well, a thought just struck me. Is this the type of life I had envisaged for myself when I was a school-goer? I think not! Being more defiant then than I'm now, I wanted to be an astronomer, an astronaut, a philosopher, a technologist, a hacker and a composer all rolled into one, a la Bertrand Russell!

Needless to say, I failed to realize even one. To salvage some ego I had to turn to computer science, the last bastion of my fast-depleting ego. It was a pragmatic decision that has held me in good stead. Lucky me, I'm the proverbial good-for-nothing fellow who couldn't have found himself any other source of sustenance.


Anonymous said...

hey I beat u in posting convocation pics :)

Deepanjan said...

I disagree! I posted them first via Flickr, although I didn't have too many snaps to flaunt!

Just wait till I blame a jackass in my next post on the convo. I missed a golden opportunity due to him and now he deserves a public desecration.

BTW, what keeps you from commenting in my blog?

saurabh said...

what keeps me from commenting in ur blog??? ideas, i guess.

Anonymous said...

And who the JackAss is???..
JackAss came to Mumbai , some days back...

Deepanjan said...

Ya, I know!