The Royal Enfield Bullet Classic C5

If there’s one bike that Indians should be proud of, this is the one.


saurabh said…
Rob/Prateek... anything???
Anonymous said…
I think u r fed up of ur wife and u dont want her to sit behind and bug :))))
Deepanjan said…
Here's a fascinating article I'm sure you'll love.
Anonymous said…
I think instead of being proud for a British bike we should be proud of "Bajaj Pulsar"-The one and only Indian designed and manufactured bike.

Prateek aur Saurabh bhai : Le lo Deepanjan gaddar/deshdrohi ka :)
vivek said…
^^@Anonymous - he got it from the NYT. It's the gospel truth for him ;-)
Ashish said…
by the way : "Bajaj Pulsar" anonymous mail was from me - Ashish

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