The archive

I'm building a huge music archive that's far from reaching the set 100GB cap. The burgeoning collection (I'm still fanatically select) is already so large, it'll easily last me more than a year of 1-hr per day listening. If you add the currently live marathon downloads of Fitzgerald and Verve, that figure woud increase substantially. I'm made to wonder, however, if it's worth the effort.


Isn't streaming audio a better alternative? The archive is even larger, there's nothing to download, you're not bogged down thinking of suitable storage media and you get to discover new music all the time. I remember how much more interesting our radio looked than the cassette player. It was like comparing an ocean with a tub.


There could be a very obvious drawback though: when I'm in the mood for Rach 3, I could be forced to put up with Stravinsky's Rite of Spring! Case in point: I'm listening to Ella's The Very Though of You for the nth time as I type this post. It was particularly mesmerizing when the power went away!


gurdas said…
You know who just budgeted to buy a 160GB external harddisk.....
That HDD needs material and I am glad it is being forged in Mount Doom (as some of your recent posts indicate)...

In anticipation of the gift.
Deepanjan said…
It's 320GB!!

I settled for the 8GB iPod Nano instead of the 160GB iPod Classic. Remember?
gurdas said…
I was talking about myself you self indulging rascala. I have budgeted to buy an additional HDD to fit the collection you are compiling and which I sincerely believe you will share with me :-)

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