One of those days

Today was just one of those days you have at your disposal to simply waste away, not that your luxury can be taken at face value.


A strap from my slippers decided to snap away, as has often happened in the past, and I had to venture out for a replacement. Well, I would have to go out anyway to keep an appointment, and I saddled my outing with an attempt to buy a replacement battery for my portable Diskman from Vivek's (an authorized retail store for Sony accessories). The salesman shook his head unhelpfully (so typical), I was disappointed but not surprised.


The BATA outlet doesn't stock straps for slippers, unlike their counterparts in Jamshedpur or Kolkata. I guess people in the high-tech city have risen so high up the economic chain that they can afford to waste more and care less about the lesser things. Oh yeah, before reaching for the retail store, I had even consulted a roadside cobbler if he had straps in stock, an idea I communicated with great difficulty and iterative gestures. One mantra I've learned in Karnataka: when you need to get an idea across to a less fortunate native (and sometimes even a fortunate one), assume he's deaf and dumb. It makes life that much simpler.


I had to settle for a new pair of slippers.


I'm proud of washing a lot of clothes today, a feat that I don't achieve too often on weekends, forget weekdays! And though my chances of controlling the TV are usually remote, the remote was in my control for a substantial part of the evening, an opportunity that let me rediscover an Alicia Silverstone  flick (for the nth time). Somehow, she always reminds me of the Israeli girl I  made friends with while returning from New Delhi to Howrah in 2002. What a stunner she was!!


I also discovered to my dismay, that cockroaches had nibbled away much of the rubber insulation to my Sony earphones, precariously exposing the inner wire. It's only a matter of time before...


That's how a day in my life was perfectly wasted. Here's hoping there'll be many more!


vivek said…
This is a generic Sony earphone problem. Don't blame the roaches for it.
Deepanjan said…
There's incriminating evidence. The roaches are indeed to blame.

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