Saturday, November 24, 2007

I remember...

...our aquariums. Dad would take utmost care of all the fish.


I didn't think of it then, but I feel sorry for the fish. Do we really need to imprison them just to lend some aesthetics to our living space? It's another matter that those in the wilderness are known to have a shorter life span.


A short and sweet life is better than a long one without freedom.

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Gurdas said...

I second your thoughts there. As a rule, I do not support keeping pets unless you really add value to the pet's life. Keeping a dog at home is OK because they are domesticated and cherish human proximity. In the extreme case maybe even keeping dogs might be inappropriate. But surely domesticating fish, birds etc is always crule because of the simple reason that we take away so much of their natural lives. Fish swim wide, birds fly far. But not when you keep them as pets.

Also, I have ruled out visits to zoos and circuses. If I need to see an animal, I better be prepared to travel into the jungle. And lions jumping through fire rings is not funny to me.