Monday, May 28, 2007

Rain, Bank & Sabu

It rained heavily on Friday evening and the trip from office was a pain. It took more than 2 hrs when it normally takes 1. Parts of the city had plunged into darkness and that aggravated our problems.The bus driver, being the adventurous kind, tried a new route when he got frustrated with the jam and ended up with a detour that seemed to lengthen the trip by miles and minutes. Anyway, it was fun as it was a Friday.

Visiting my bank on Saturday in continuation of my previously failed attempt to procure my Netbanking PIN and debit card met with partial success. While I got the elusive debit card, the other item was not traceable. This in spite of my clear instructions not to have them couriered to my place. While the debit card had been rerouted back to the bank, the PIN must be blissfully languishing somewhere. I am giving up.

Sabu called on Saturday. He's back in Pune after having spent 7 months in the US. Lucky chap!


Vivek said...

Perennially on the wrong side of banking, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

i guess you are cracked and have to get your head examined

Deepanjan said...

People say that all the time!

But am I so intimidating that you would choose to be anonymous?

Fear not. I don't bite.