The Details

Not too many details are coming by way of my blog! Santosh begs not to disclose too much detail and I must comply with his wish. Things are still a bit shaky though more-or-less secured.

The interview went smoothly. The offer was made. Santosh accepted it without any hesitation. The next two months will be crucial for him, or so he feels.

Cooking for dinner may become a problem now! We must build a buffer stock of groceries and fast food. It'll take us some time to get used to the new world order!


Anonymous said…
Question: How often do you drop by my blog?

Deepanjan said…
Answer: I never need to.
My reader tells me you post once in a century...unless you have multiple blogs I'm not aware of!
Anonymous said…
I was thinking of reviving it.
Deepanjan said…
It's past the point of revival. It needs a resurrection!

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