Tell me why

Why is it that my featured posts (like a very recent one) always (& I mean ALWAYS) get the least number of comments? Is it because I stick to frivolous facts and refuse to delve into flowery fiction? Or maybe my posts render my readers speechless!!! Or could be my writing lacks the sway factor.


anom said…
u kn very well people hv good opinion about ur writting .
u really do hv a strong alter ego which u show on one side and d other u write
ur experience with simplisity .

d hard type ones u write invites d knoweleble and intellectual ,
and maybe that category r fewer , maybe .
Deepanjan said…
Ya, maybe it's time to resign to fate & leave my readers mum!
Prateek said…
Vikaram Seth in ruins is Deepanjan.
;) ha ha ha ...
Deepanjan said…
Now was that a bouquet or a brickbat?
Prateek said…
I'm all praises for you. :)
Deepanjan said…
I feel the butterflies in my stomach yet again!!

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