Santosh is inseperable from his mobile, just as a mother is from her newborn baby!
  • When the baby wails, the mother comes to check what's ailing him.
  • When the baby's silent, the mother still comes to check why he's so quiet.

  • When the mobile rings, Santosh jumps at once to the rescue of his phone wondering who on earth could be calling him at such an hour.
  • When the mobile's silent, he still checks to see why the rest of the world has forgotten him.

In fact, Santosh goes a step further. Even though my phone's ringtone is as different from his as a lion's roar is from a diva's cry, he'll instinctively check his phone each time mine rings! The mobile is the last thing he sees before going off to sleep. It's the first thing he sees when he wakes up in the morning. The maternal instincts are strong!

Really, I must stop making Santosh the butt of all my jokes!


sreya said…
SANTOSH isnt the only one..he can still be at 'santosh' or at peace with himself..i would have joined hands with him a year back!
sreya said…
and yeah..How is he handling a great room mate like you? I wouldn't ever take the risk..God!.you are dangerous!..all the best Santosh.
Deepanjan said…
Proximity to yours truly comes with a price!

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