Santosh is back in Bangalore...

...though he has yet to reach home. Santosh's train arrived at 1 am and he decided to spend the dark hours in the waiting room. He called me up at 6:50 (a femtosecond after the morning alarm) to ask me to keep the extra key with Mantu.

Must be home by now.


some anom said…
gd food and relief 4m feasting on chinese ?
deepanjan said…
Also, a very good friend to talk to!
Prateek said…
Deepshit kis Chinese national ko paka ke kha gaye tum?
deepanjan said…
Prats, the Chinese could make Indian curry out of us if they developed a liking! And I fear they will, very soon.
Anonymous said…
chiange kong , arso , ching , ching
indigestion starting at d prospect of human curry ping , ping .

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