Friday, June 30, 2006

It's not a good idea to be loyal to your blog. If you inadvertently set an agenda (that is blogged) and have a change of heart later, you really wish better sense had prevailed earlier.
  • I stuck to the plan of Doing it, but only at 11:49 pm! And that too for just 5 mins only to stay true to my word.
  • I didn't cook the Chinese, at least not until it was past midnight (so it was technically the next day)!

Clever workarounds, though I had to cheat!


Anonymous said...

by chinese u mean noodles ? .
postponed follow up of agenda ,
thats part cheating ur words ,
clever workarounds indeed !

deepanjan said...

Ya, I meant noodles.

Anonymous said...

noodles being instant cooking ,
but not smooth cooking ,
now taste buds lacking exercise too .
get innovative in every sphere ,
including the cooking sphere ,
rediscover and improve cooking skills .