Feels nice!

Dear Deepanjan,
We are glad to inform you that we would like you to be one of the short listed candidates for the competition organised by DNA Me because we feel that you have showcased your talent for creative writing in your stories time and again. We would like to have a 3 line bio about yourself, your postal address and contact number at the earliest so that we can go ahead with the process of the competition. We will also require you to write to us after every post that you send in that the story is your original piece of work and if found to be anything but so you and only you will be held responsible. For more information do access the link http://sulekha.com/me/ or do get back to me with any queries you might have and I will be glad to help. This is a one time activity because we need the information for archiving purposes. So even if you have already sent us the information in the past kindly bare with us and send it again.

Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx
Sulekha Blogs Team
Just what I needed at the end of an exhausting day to pep me up! I guess the Sulekha Blogs Team has overestimated me. Still, nice to know I'm not entirely worthless!


sebastian said…
can you get me an orkut invite from any one of ur many resources
send it to me at sebastianjoseph at gmail

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