Monday, July 24, 2006

Fading Freedom

Ah, the joys of solitary living are short lived! You can be as dirty as you want, touch yourself wherever you want, eat as much as you want, sleep as much as you want and surf as much as you want. I now understand why a man is in a sullen mood when his wife returns after being at her parents'! I've thoroughly enjoyed the extra space created by Santosh's absence during the past month, but it's now time for me to relinquish all the fun. Not that Santosh has been guilty of robbing me of my space...still, there's an innate sense of detachment and unaccountability when you have the entire place to yourself.

It was during my trudge back home after office that I decided to celebrate my new found (& soon to be lost) expertise in cooking anda bhurji (the reign was a monopoly), tired though I was after yet another nearly 12-hrs of work. Bought a loaf of bread, was overcharged by a Rupee. Bought onions, was overcharged by a Rupee. I was too exhausted and too famished to protest. Reached home, put on the PC, launched some streaming audio, completed some chores and began peeling, washing, chopping and frying the onions. Added chili powder & some arbitrary spice, eggs, chili & spice again, swirled them vigorously...and I was all set to dig in!

Began surfing and chatting with Sreya while simultaneously having dinner. Our conversations generally last upto the wee hours of the morning...unless otherwise aborted by a disconnection of the Net, which is quickly followed by an exchange of apologies via SMS. And this is exactly what happened tonight!
------------------------------(next day)-------------------
Anyway, spent some time watching Just for Laughs on YouTube. The videos are absolutely hilarious and I've grown completely addicted to them. Ironed some clothes and went off to sleep.

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