Sunday, July 23, 2006

Anand departs...

for Malaysia via Chennai. One tends to recall only the nicer and memorable things on such occasions, but Anand is the sort of guy who'll grant you with nothing but pleasant memories. No filtering required.

I came across Anand during our very early days in BIT. He was an exceptionally reticent and obedient guy who would go to great lengths to avoid grabbing attention. Surely enough, most people who didn't know him ell enough would tend to give him the miss. Fight your way in and you'd come to know how wonderful a guy he truly is.

I got my chance during the placement period in our institute. I can still recall how a bunch of guys had spent the night after an interview in a hostel room. There wasn't enough space and Anand had taken pains to see to it that we weren't left in the lurch. We woke up in the morning to discover that the only one inconvenienced was Anand himself! I never got to say a sorry to him.

It was sheer luck that brought us together in Bangalore. Discovering old pals from BIT was exciting in itself, but Anand being one of the 'lost & found' pals has a very special place in my heart. We ended up being next-door neighbors and what an experience it has been! With Anand around, we had our own in-house tech guru. So no matter what ailed our computers, Anand was always there to solve the problem-be it setting up the LAN, working on Linux or a general query on Java.

Anand has had his share of struggling to do, but I've never seen him fret or turn despondent. He was one guy who never lost sight of his priorities and worked diligently towards realizing them. The labor finally bore fruit and it tasted so sweet!

Adios, Anand! You deserved it!

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