The 2nd Calling (but this time failing)

Zoya messages me (15th, 1:59 pm)
Hey deep! Its zoya. My friend and i are on our way to forum and will be there for some time. Let me know if ur free and can come by.

I message Zoya(15th, 2:02 pm)
Am a bit busy. Wil b @ forum anyway in the eve.
Wil meet if u r stil thr!
Plz dnt mind my being so rude!

Zoya messages me (15th, 2:10 pm)
Hey not rude at all! No problem! Just let me know when u get there. Have a great day:-)

I message Zoya(15th, 5:01 pm)
Wil b @ forum in 20 mins

Zoya messages me (15th, 5:04 pm)
Aww we left already

I message Zoya(15th, 5:05 pm)
Thats ok. I was supposed 2 com anyway!
Hav a blast of a time!

Zoya messages me (15th, 5:06 pm)
Thanks, you too!

I message Zoya(15th, 9:23 pm)
Yo Zo! Missed u real bad @ forum! I'll giv u a call 2morow morn.

Zoya messages me (15th, 9:29 pm)
Ya too bad we didnt get to meet again. It was a pleasure the first time! Talk to u tomorrow.


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