Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tuesday goes without a post

Many reasons to justify the drought.

  • I'm really really busy.
  • My daily routine remains stagnant and there's hardly any room for variance.
  • There's no babe in my life. If I had one, I would write about all the sweet nothings. But then again, she would be peeved by our secrets being published. She would dump me and it would be back to square one for me! I'm better off without all the heartaches! (Pretty babes are requested to disregard this argument. I'm all available!)
  • Santosh's lifestyle is as passive as mine. Letting out his little secrets could create a rift, something I can ill-afford.
  • I could write about others, but not without insulting or infuriating them! I've been in trouble way too often for any repetition.
  • I have a flair for desecration. If I spoke my mind, most readers would be peeved. I don't mind that much, but being in the good books of others isn't too bad. The more conservative I get, the more agreeable I try to sound. I don't like this change but I guess life is one long process of evolution.
  • My memory is highly volatile. I conceive so many ideas in my head, but when it's time to write...memory fails me! It's a culprit I'll never forgive!
  • Sleeping and working consumes most of my time. There's not much of life beyond that.

Life has hit a new low. Proof? Even Rhymer's complaining! And that's a milestone, right?

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