Mumbai's Reputation

According to a recent finding by Reader's Digest, Mumbai is the world's rudest city. I'm not surprised.

I'm in Bangalore and this is something I get to watch each morning while coming to office via the shuttle. People occupying the seats generally prefer the aisle side and refuse to move or make way for those standing to get a place. They use an age-old trick: look somewhere else and pretend to be oblivious of the poor guy. Better still, close your eyes! Only when the standing fellow pleads does the other guy consent to let him sit. Cheap mentality.

It's not that we are lacking only in being courteous. Even civic sense is often available in scarce. A case in point: we use disposable glasses in our office. Seldom have I found people crushing the glasses before putting them into the bin. Consequently, the bin begins to overflow pretty soon and the poor errand boys end up being needlessly overworked.

Mind you, I'm only talking about how the techies behave. Imagine how the less-privileged folks can be!


Vivek said…
deepanjan said…
The blogger ridiculing the parametes used for the survey doesn't impress me.

However, I appreciate him for having published enough instances that prove contrary to his own views.
sebastian said…
Dipsi Jamshedpur on google earth
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deepanjan said…
Nice revelation, both you & Jamshedpur!
sebastianjoseph said…
I understand Jamsehdpur but why me a revelation
deepanjan said…
Because you seldom post comments!

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