Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Leaker

I've been monitoring the Firefox leaks for the past few days, and boy...does it leak! Firefox is especially vulnerable to some sites, including the venerable Yahoo! Even cheap buckets don't leak like this!

Addendum: Another leak occured as soon as I uploaded the companion image!


Sameer said...

HEH HEH!! (Throughly embarassed)
What is a leak?

deepanjan said...

Memory not being released even when no longer required...& then conveniently forgotten altogether!

This is the most critical issue bugging Firefox.

zoya said...

HEH HEH (also thoroughly embarrassed)....and what harm does this cause?

deepanjan said...

Chokes RAM. Your PC soon runs out of memory to efficiently run programs.

Vivek said...

This FireFox sounds like a load of bull .... but I guess that's what endears it to it's fans .... allright, zip it Deep.

deepanjan said...

FF is both endearing & enduring.


I generally dislike Wagner. However, I heard a piece by him today and it was sublime and breathtakingly beautiful.