...has drawn a lot of flak of late from blogosphere due to its servers being down for maintenance for extended periods of time. I'll echo the discontent.

Google has been guilty of neglecting Blogger, which is strange since all the major players have joined the fray and are increasingly adding goodies to their blogging services, the most significant being its seamless integration with social networking-a natural extension. My initial enthusiasm (when Google had bought Pyra Labs) has given way to disappointment.

You feel especially frustrated when you type a long post only to realize that it can't be published because the servers are down. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! If bells-&-whistles can't be added, at least the servers can be maintained better. I had never once regretted using as my tool of choice...until now.

Maybe Pyra Labs should have remained independent.


Vivek said…
This has never happened with me .... & I post almost as regularly as you do. A problem with your machine maybe?
deepanjan said…
No problem with my machine. It's the servers that are at fault. As I said, the community vindicates my stand.
Anonymous said…
then it means ur going to cut down
on further posts ,
and worst interesting posts getting cut ,
ur useless posts outnumbering interesting posts .sure u have backup copy hopefully.

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