The Backlog

Procrastination happens to my hallmark. Weekends are meant to clear the piling backlogs, but I'm too lazy to do that. You see, it's simply against my holiness! I was supposed to clear a whole ton of pending work, and I managed to do only one: cleaning a heapful of clothes!

What remains undone:
  • Filling the tax papers.
  • Doing an employee referral for a friend's friend
  • Blogging on some issues
  • Reading a book
  • Academia stuff
  • Getting our tap mended
  • ...(some forgotten stuff)

The one thing that I did (washing clothes) had to be stretched over a period of two days. Result: a shirt now carries patches of green from the color that bled from another because they were left in the same bucket for 24 hours! Something of this sort had happened a few months ago.

I desperately need a remedy for my lethargy. Are there pills available?


Anonymous said…
do get a washing machine sometime in
ur life soon .comedy attempt here clearly .
deepanjan said…
Ya, a washing machine is needed.

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