Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another oddity

People generally have a TV but no Net.
I have Net but no TV!
Missing FIFA 2006 real bad!


Zoya said...

Given a choice between the two, I'd take the net any day!

By the way, my dad said your comment on my blog made him start to rethink his life. He spends a good part of his day writing code as well.

Though believe me, I spend my days doing donkey work too. I just try to make the most of weekends and holidays. Come to Pune and let's go to Osho!

deepanjan said...

I'd choose the Net too!

I used to be crazy about computers while in school & would spend hours on end trying to write code and outsmart my teacher!

But there comes a time in your life when a rethink is necessary. Where are we headed? Are our priorities right? Are we missing something trying to stuff in as much as possible? The sooner we find answers & take corrective measures, the better it is.

I would fly to Pune & accompany you to Osho commune...if I could! I'm an indispensable resource to the IT industry now!!!

Anonymous said...

is having a tv along with the comp that unaffordable !.

sittu said...

"Missing FIFA 2006 real bad!"
Arent u losing ur much celebrated "exclusivity"?
Dont u think that bengali-who-likes-football is a bit too common?

P.S. Yup, i hv nothin better to do.