Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Alluring, isn't it? I fell for it exactly a week ago and supplied my mobile id, got the confirmation code, fed it, got final confirmation and waited eagerly for Breaking News.

No news has been 'broken' till now. I guess it was just a ploy to collect mobile numbers to be spammed with junk messages and advertisements in the future.


Andy said...

Hi Deepanjan,

Guess u r in Accenture, checked it in orkut, I am also in Accenture, but in the CCS wing, I regularly keep reading ur posts, pretty cool stuff, btw, u in Bang 2,3 or 4 ?

Vivek said...

Admit it Deep, you're a sucker for freebies :-)

deepanjan said...

Welcome, Andy! I'm in B4.

Viv, we all are!

Andy said...

I am in Acc from the last 26 months now ! the welcome to you is from my side !!! ;-)

deepanjan said...

I feel doubly honored!

And the welcome to you is from my blog!

Andy said...

gotcha !