Monday, May 29, 2006

Party @ Club Cabana

Hitting the dance floor!

Tried some bowling. Discovered (not to my surprise) how horrible I could be. The trajectories the bowls followed had no idea where to head and what to do. They rolled aimlessly, randomly and leisurely to miss as many targets as possible. Sure, if we reversed the aim of the game, I would be a champion by default! But who would listen? I couldn't bear the humiliation much longer and embraced the relative sanctity of being a mere spectator.

Among the many things I didn't do were consuming alcohol, dancing (an improvisation of wild limb shaking to blaring noise mistaken for music) and jumping into the pool. Had a few meaningful discussions though. Overate, once again spoiling my resolve to shed weight. The mutton was too delicious to resist. Had 3 scoops of ice cream.

The return journey was delayed and we were getting despondent. Rescue came after many excruciating moments. Mantu was getting increasingly worried at home. When I finally reached my destination, it was well past midnight. Felt completely sapped. Checked my mail account, changed and fell asleep.

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