Thursday, May 11, 2006

The last gripe

I'm tired of griping about the highly erratic and anomalous IE.
I was expecting things to return to normal after switching back to IE 6. Things were working fine until I got adventurous once again and decided to download the MSN Toolbar since it allowed tabbed browsing. I'm so used to tabbed browsing (via Firefox) and now that my task bar is so infested with a plethora of tasks that I just can't do without it.

Downloaded it. It worked fine for a day. Then it went crazy. The moment you tried opening the third tab, the IE window closed along with all other IE windows I had! Tried the same thing multiple times and each time the same problem surfaced.

This will be my last post complaining about IE. Frankly, I'm growing tired treading the same line. My cup of woes is flooding anyway.


sittu said...

For the record, I am currently reading your blog in the fourth tab of IE6 + MSN searchbar.

deepanjan said...

I didn't say the flaw was universal. I've used far more than 4 tabs in IE 6 without facing problems.
It's only now that IE 6 is throwing tantrums.

Vivek said...

IE 6 doesn't run well on Deepanjan's system & who's to blame for that .... why, IE 6 of course!

deepanjan said...

Would you rather blame me for it?

BTW, FF has serious issues as well. Memory leakage is its most critical flaw. Use FF for a few hours continuously and see!

sittu said...

What??? Does the memory leak onto the motherboard?