Monday, May 08, 2006

I had a thousand pleasant thoughts sprinting across my head-nourishing fodder for my blog. Alas, all is my despendency on account of, well, you know what!

I'll need time to recover. I've lost the will to write, I've lost the will to fight, I've lost the will to do anything creative. It's a given that I'm an emotional wreck and certaing things affect me deep. My thoughts are all clogged.


Prateek said...

Hi Deeps,
What is this happening? old flames meeting again.
Be a bit cautious.

deepanjan said...

Hey, you got it all wrong!
Anyway, tell me howz life shaping up in Kolkata.

Prateek said...

Standard of living is better. you can make this out from the taxi fare itself. howarh to salt lake Rs.140 only, that too I paid Rs20 extra for the taxi.(in b'lore I paid obscene price for the same distance)
Live in a posh colony, ofice is at 10min bus ride, bus frequency is excellent. City Centre mall is at 5 mins of walk. lots of jersey cows there.
home is at overnight distance.
I miss the sufferings of b'lore.
the best of all the food tastes good.

deepanjan said...

Commuting via taxi is also far more comfortable.
Food, well, you can't gripe about it in Kolkata!
Economy, Kolkata reigns supreme.
Even the noise factor is very low in Salt Lake.

Your sufferings have indeed come to an end! Rohit's video footage corroborates your viewpoint.

Okay, now I feel even more miserable.