Guess what would have happened if I hadn't spurned a previous offer to do some Java coding. I would be in Sweden in a few days from now! Greed has done me in. I'm starting to believe in sinister celestial schemes.


Prateek said…
You wanted to get into java domain, so why did ou turn down the java coding offer??????
Vivek said…
I bet smart-ass can't answer that himself!
deepanjan said…
There were 2 Java offers. I chose one over the other. Needless to say, it was a wrong decision.

The ship I spurned sailed for foreign shores. The ship I chose...sank!
Vivek said…
Er, sorry to differ, but wasn't it because the project (that 'sailed for foreign shores') involved some SAP with JAVA & you wanted a 'pure JAVA' project?
Prateek said…
SAP से अच्छा और बेहतर कुछ हो ही नहीं सकता.
deepanjan said…
Viv, not exactly. Can't delve into the details here.

Prats, isse bada jhoot aur bakwaas ho hi nahi sakta! Pardon my firangi script. I'm not ethnically adroit!

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