Friday, May 05, 2006

Got my new desktop. In keeping with custom, installed Firefox first thing this morning. Look at the newly uploaded Flickr snaps.


sittu said...

Hey, nice pics :)

deepanjan said...

Thnx! I'm contemplating buying an external flash for my Nokia.

Sameer said...

Wo Ho Ho!!! Cool Photograph!!!
You look just like the Kannada film heroes, man!!!

Sebastian said...

Could you not have put a better picture of you up on the website.

deepanjan said...

Sameer, you have insulted me!

deepanjan said...

Sabu, this photograph is the best of me! You know I'm not handsome.

sebastian said...

You would look better without the dark glasses

deepanjan said...

I would look best without my face!

Anonymous said...

hv u tried different faces dresses
like mostauch , muchh or anything
of that sort ? . hair at top resembles
a bush and ur glasses cover ur eyes ,
therefore the photho does not show
what you can a clear face .

a happy face is all one needs to show ,
a suitable face in appearance ,
a face best recognised ,
a face unmasked ,
a face instead of a mirror ,
a trace of oneself unchanged for ever .
faces that always have one colour ,
faces , facing straight to the veiwer ,
faces untwiched , a self protrayal
of an image ur displayed here .
faces with no shadow of ugliness
in it nevertheless ,
and then again there maybe a face
with a little change later ....