Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bangalore stinks!

Not really, but my socks indeed stink! And since my socks go wherever my legs go, and since my legs go wherever I go, wherever I go...stinks.

Okay, I'll take my word back. Bangalore doesn't stink!


opinionatedinjerzee said...

hmmmn?? interesting!!! lol!!

Anonymous said...

every smell becomes the reminder of something , oh so its the next option after taste and unavoidable at that !.

therefore bad smell can both be a boon or curse depending on how its used .
4 it could be reality that bad smell of
the socks and especially "the socks "
can faint a person showing his preference
2 blackout into unconscienses , then smell his fate .

accordingly to save the victims
from sticky socks it is recommended
that d ,
sticky socks criminal should be fined atleast as minimum punishment .

it is brilliant the laws of smell diffution,
how small body of socks can dominate
in the ocean of atmosphere and air .

smell immunity saves people from becoming propective victims ,
and therefore it is for sure that nature wins the battle against smelly socks , and smelly socks criminals are
saved 4m getting voted into punishment .