I'll begin reading A Suitable Boy today.


sittu said…
and i'll climb Mt Everest.
I thought u bought ASB a long time back.
deepanjan said…
Yes, I had bought it a long time back. But I was already engaged to reading An Area of Darkness then. Couldn't complete it for lack of time.

A Suitable Boy is so bulky, it's almost as intimidating as scaling Mt.Everest!
Sameer said…
And I am going to start reading 'Analysis Of Mind' by Bertrand Russell (not joking) probably today.

Believe me, I am being forced to read such stuff. I got the first 2 lectures printed. With the kind of subject he writes about and the language he uses, climbing Mt. Everest is going to be easier.
deepanjan said…
I had started reading Bertrand Russell's autobiography when I was in Pune. That's when I had to leave my beloved city for the City of Joy (what a misnomer!). I donated the precious book to my landlord.
Sameer said…
Heard of Project Gutenberg? You surely must have. I don't need to give you the link, do I?
bl@her said…
was wondering if you have completed it???

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