Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I'm leaving for Ranchi tomorrow for the convocation. After that I'll be in Kolkata for a few days before returning to Bangalore. The schedule will be rather hectic and learning Java during my travels will be adding to the turmoil.
It'll be back to business from the 13th of Feb. That's when I'll publish some predated posts for the interim period. Expect some snaps!



Vivek said...

Have a safe journey .... & enjoy your stay!

deepanjan said...


Anonymous said...

bye , enjoy , safe journey .

deepanjan said...

Bye, Anon...whoever u r!

Ra said...

Have a good journey & i will be waiting for the snaps.

-J said...

Sorry Deep..I missed you by a day. I meant to drop in and say bye to you yesterday but work's been hogging up my precious time.

I hope you have a great time at the convocation and also enjoy your time with the family.

See you soon!

zoya said...

I missed you as well...just like Jahnvee, work has been the culprit. Hope you're having a safe trip and can't wait for the snaps!

Sameer said...

BOO HOO HOO ..... such a heart-rending scene. I miss you too Deep.....really SOB SOB.

SNIFF....Please...SNIFF...please promise me that you will return soon so that I can continue to kick your butt.

May you be bored to death at the convocation and be tormented by eunuchs during every train journey you undertake.

Vivek said...

Yeah man! Good ol' Sam. Yo Sam, howz life in Pune? Now that 'D Nag' is gone, we can get chatting, what say?

Sameer said...

You are right, Rob. We can chat freely without having to bear with reading his absurd views on that topic and without giving that rascal due importance.

It is not always that you get to party at a house when the owner is away. Shall we start the party with breaking a few things around the house?

Sameer said...

Pune is a nice place. Weather is good. Crowd is better than Mumbai's for the simple reason that Mumbai's public has wads of cash in their pockets and loads of attitude (God knows where it comes from).
Pune on the other hand has a well educated, middle/upper middle class populace with an open outlook. Pune has always been the centre of learning and till date studies are given prime importance by everyone even by those who do manual labour and find it difficult to make two ends meet.
I am definitely enjoying this city but work doesn't allow me to go very far. Being a medium sized city, you get familiar with it pretty soon unlike Mumbai where you could spend a life time and you still wouldn't have visited many important landmarks.
To describe it further, I would say that it is a city that has picked up the good points from both the Indian and Western cultures. People here have seen through the falllacies in our culture and practices and are less dogmatic then people around the country but then they have not let themselves get corrputed by the blind faith and lure of the West.
Unlike Mumbai where there are frequent clashes between the locals and outsiders, there is no such problem here. Primarily because Mumbai has experienced a huge influx of people from the economically backward class. A substantial part of the populace in Pune is also from outside but being from the educated class, instead of being a problem, they add to the assets of the city.

That is all that I can tell you about it right now as my work does not permit me anymore free time.


Vivek said...

Coming from a Mumbaiya, that was real candid.

Hmmm .... you've put me in a dilemma now, where do I want to relocate next? I had Calcutta in mind, but going by what you say, Pune seems as good, if not better than WB's capital.

Thanx for taking the time out Sam.

And yes, let's break up some stuff in Deep's place. How 'bout starting with his carefully built up 'intelligent' facade?

Sameer said...

You remember how Deep used to be at the butt of everyone's jokes. There used to be a roar of laughter upon his entry in the class, a good 20 minutes after the lecture had started.

Do you recall his eve-teasing sprees every evening and the way he used to invariably end up getting clobbered by the chicks and their boyfriends.

I still remember the sort of reprovals he used to get from Rupa ma'am. You remember how he was once caught with a chit in one of our class tests and then ordered to kneel down for the rest of the day.

And just imagine, these girls, Jahnvee, Zoya and Sweta consider him to be some sort of a demi-god.
Either he is paying them a lot of moolah to sing paens applauding him or else they have an ultra low IQ...... ;)

Vivek said...

Right, right & righto Sam. You're right on every count there.

Remember the chalk fights during the 1st sem when Deep would keep sitting in his place while everybody was busy saving themselves & invariably end up becoming the target of all the chalk throwers? All he could offer after that was a chawanni smile, the 1 that we are all so familiar with .... heh heh .... those were some days man! I miss college.

Sameer said...

And then he used to term those chalk fights as acts of barbarism so typical to us Indians and that we have failed to learn the qualities of compassion and kindness towards fellow human beings.

Deep, the real felony here is that you consider yourself as a human being.

Vivek said...

Ha ha ha .... I'm sure another of those chawanni smiles will appear on Deep's mug after he sees so much of vitriol poured out against him. And then he'll accuse us of even greater crimes against humanity!

Sameer said...

Ho! Ho! Ho! So much fun I had messing up this place in his absence. I guess this should be enough a shock to paralyze the owner for a few days. We ought to have more such parties.

Rakesh said...

So, Its party time for You 2. God save DeepUUUUU

Vivek said...

God's not doing anything like that 'cause Deep's an atheist!

-j said...

Demi-god? No..tht's not the image I have of Deep!

I don't think you guys hv done enough damage takes alot to piss Deep off :p

Sameer said...

And there comes the cleaner before the owner returns......:p

Vivek said...

Who's trying to piss Deep off? We're just having some fun yaar .... at Deep's expense that is ;-)

deepanjan said...

My blog has been a beehive of activity in my absence. It's nice 2 know that the afterglow of my exit still dazzles many BITians.
And Sam, your concoctions about my getting caught with chits, being clobbered by boyfriends of chicks and teasing eves made me come to the conclusion that your power of imagination is overwhelming. Either that our you are alluding to a Deepanjan Nag who exists in a parallel universe. That's okay. I enjoy the dilemmas of mere mortals who had the good fortune of coming across luminaries like yours truly!
And J is right, I can't be pissed off that easily. Generally it's the other way around. I've lost count of the number of people who have raised their hackles on account of my posts. Really, I've stopped bothering.
And please...let the party continue! U have no reason to fear irking me!
(I'm posting this comment in a great rush...sitting in a cybercafe I visited to get a couple of printouts.)

Vivek said...

Deep, when do Calcuttans get a chance to bask in the afterglow of your exit .... & Bangalore gets to welcome back it's prodigal son?

sittu said...

GUYS, check out this link:

I am sure all the working people will love it(specially vivek & prateek).


I generally dislike Wagner. However, I heard a piece by him today and it was sublime and breathtakingly beautiful.