Saturday & Sunday were reserved to put my shell-shocked room in order. Instead, I ended up exhausting the whole of these 2 days in downloading music (jazz, classical, country, new-age and even some pop) off the Net- mostly legal! The offspring was definitely worth the effort, although I couldn't help feeling a tad guilty of neglecting the upkeep of my room.
I also went off the conventional menu by switching to veg-burgers for lunch. They are inexpensive and filling.


-j said…
Guilty?? blah..u shud've known this was coming :p

btw, where are ur fans these days?
deepanjan said…
My fans have deserted me. BOO-WOO!
Some have left for the convocation.
Some are vexed over my provocative statements.
Sameer has better things to occupy his mind.
The others have discovered better blogs.

And I've just lost interest.
I guess my next creative post will be published only after the 13th of Feb, when I'm back from the convocation.
-J said…
Awww..come back everyone!! The comment box just isn't the same when you all aren't having heated discussions or turning it into a battle ground. The hot plate is growing cold!
deepanjan said…
U r rite!
I guess my techie friends finally have some work to do in office! Still, I would love to c their comments.
deepanjan said…
At last, some signs of artificial intelligence!!!

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