Hawking's cosmological riff (click here)

It's nice to see even Cnet dedicating a part of its tech-space to Dr.Hawking. I recall having attended a lecture once in Fergusson College, Pune by a cosmologist who had done his PhD with Dr.Hawking. The lecture revolved around Time and Gravity. We listened to him in rapt attention in the amphitheatre. He had a great sense of humour and ended by saying,"I hope to see you in the future...or the past!" We erupted with a roar of laughter and applause. I fail to recall his name.


Sebastian said…
The comment section of your blog has become more interesting than the blog itself.
deepanjan said…
The comments are self-contradictory...my posts aren't!
Prateek said…
I guess his name is "Jayant Narlikar" . Is it or not?
deepanjan said…
Jayant Narlikar was until recently the director of IUCAA, located in the Pune University campus. I had attended his lecture too. A very down-to-earth guy.

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