A false alarm

It seems Ajay is the only one from our batch to be selected for the Data Archiving project. All my colleagues tried frantically to be relieved from it; it's too mundane, they would say. I didn't have any such reservations and remain inert to the flurry of unfolding events. Anish suggested I personally call up the PM to apply for the project. I didn't want to look too desperate(I still have some pride left!)...and that kept me from heeding.
So I'll remain cozily harbored in my office alcove, at least for some more time!


Jahnvee said…
Hey Deep!
Thanks for stopping by at my space. Like your page too!!

Keep blogging..

Jahnvee said…
:) I have forgotten most of my French. Besides what I've written isn't beyond comprehension...a english/french dictionary might help though!

Bon chance avec francais!

deepanjan said…
Jahnvee, I was hoping you would be my cyber mentor during my tenure as a student of the French language! I'm still counting on you!

Au Revoir
Jahnvee said…

Haha I'm flattered :)
I'm not a french student anymore. That was 4 years ago!! I honestly don't know much french..I can still read it but I've forgotten most of the grammar. It's tough when you lose your touch with a language. I won't be much help if atall any but I wish you all the best with it. It's an awesome language! I still love to hear it when people talk in french :)

deepanjan said…
Yeah, French sounds fashionable even when used in an abusive manner!

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